Etna Trek



The Sartorius Mountains are craters that were formed during
the lateral eruption of 1865.
The lava flow started at 1,825 meters above sea level, and
reached up to 1,625 meters, with a length of 7.5 km.
The eruption began on January 30, 1865, and ended at the
end of June.
There are seven craters. The landscape is rather arid, with
the exception of specimens of Betulla and Pino Laricio, whose
form is shaped by strong winds coming from the North-West.
At the base of the first cone / crater, numerous “volcanic bombs” will be visible.
The route around the craters is easy, and the view is impressive.
Descending along the slope you will find plants typical of Mount Etna such as: the Chamomile of Etna, the Saponaria of Etna and the Romice of Etna.

Starting height: 1,665 meters. – Max height 1765 meters.
Duration : 1.30 hours – Km 1.5 – A/R – Easy excursion
Panorama: To the east the Ionian Sea, to the north the Peloritani Mountains.

Note: We will also visit a Volcanic Cave. (Helmets will be provided by the guide.)

We recommend the use of a gore-tex windproof jacket, a pair of sunglasses and high mountaineering boots.